Less drowning, more waving

I read a post on Facebook the other day that said “Stop glamorising busy” (or words very close to that).

As 21st century women we think we have it all. We’re so proud of our ability to multi-task. “What’s that, dear? Iron your shirt, while I cook this Michelin star quality meal from scratch, while home schooling the kids and knitting jumpers for underprivileged penguins at the zoo? Not a problem!” Or, “Of course I can man the giant jumping castle at the school fete on Saturday. I can fit that in between the washing and housework and visiting my grandmother in the home, and whipping up a costume for Julie’s ‘Under the sea’ 30th that night. And yes, I can pick up the meat for the sausage sizzle on the way.”

Sound familiar? We all do it. We almost compete to be the busiest, the most tired, the most stressed…

Is it because we really do want the kudos of being ‘best able to balance work, life and great hair’, or is it just that we don’t know what else to do; there doesn’t seem another choice; and we’re basically just looking for sympathy…sympathy that will never come because all our friends are, metaphorically, on the same sinking ship.

The more I talk with my friends and other women I meet I hear the same story over and over. We’re sick. Our relationships are suffering. We’re tired and irritable. When we do have that elusive thing known as ‘spare time’ we just want to hide away like hermits, eat chocolate and watch ‘The Bachelor’ re-runs.

In the pursuit to ‘have it all’, have we lost joy?

How do we get that balance back? I have my own ideas, and my own plan, but would love to hear yours. What are you doing to find your joy?

“There is more to life than increasing its speed.” – Mahatma Gandhi