Hashtag – insert snappy title – emoticon

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with social media. Well, I should narrow that down to Facebook actually as I still have no idea what the point of Instagram is and I could never be confined to 140 characters, so Twitter is out.

So yeah, Facebook. There’s so much about it to love. It’s enabled me to connect with and stay in touch with family overseas, friends I worked with in London or met on travels, random people I’ve met once and don’t really know but have since found to be kindred spirits… And how else do you find out these days about an engagement, birth, new job, new pet, or when someone has been to the gym.

Yeah, the gym ‘check ins’ and selfies…those fall into the ‘things I don’t love so much about Facebook’ category.

But has social media allowed us to step into each other’s lives a little too much? To cross boundaries that we wouldn’t normally cross? Why is it that, on Facebook, we feel a right to comment on someone’s post or photo or event attendance? Or enter into a discussion with a friend’s friend that we don’t know. Or to criticise that person? Is it a right, considering we are posting these things on a social forum? Or is there a line that it’s just uncomfortable when someone crosses?

For me, as a relatively private person, I still find it rather unsettling when someone comments on the fact I’m going to a certain event or about someone else’s post on my wall (or my post on someone else’s!) To me it’s like eavesdropping. I don’t know…it just feels sort of nosy!

But on the whole, I’m a fan. I see no harm in a more connected society; in a closeness that can occur in spite of physical distance. It’s like a world that I’ve created for myself, filled with the people who mean something to me. That’s pretty special really.

You can never go wrong by investing in communities and the human beings within them. – Pam Moore